List Of Flowers For Valentine's Day Other Than Roses

Roses and valentines have a long association with each other. Here is a list of amazing flowers other than rose that are beautiful and unique valentines day arrangements.

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Valentine's day is right around the corner, so now is the best time to start your prep. A day where love and companionship is celebrated. It's a great time to express your feelings towards your loving partner or someone you have feelings for. We all know that roses and valentines have a long association with each other. But this valentine, why not try flowers other than roses. Flowers that will leave your partner blushing and make the job easy for you. Wondering how to choose flowers that will make your valentines celebration more special and memorable?

List of Amazing Flowers other than rose to make this valentine's day special -

Chrysanthemum and Aster Bouquet

This flower arrangement is thoughtfully curated by combining flowers like chrysanthemum, rose, aster, and green ferns making it exceptionally beautiful. This not so usual valentine flower arrangement has a lovely and seamless mix of colors like magenta, lavender, light pink and shades of green. This Charming flower bouquet with vibrant yet elegant shades is perfect for valentine's day celebration well arranged in a square container. Love, loyalty and longevity are all symbolic meanings of chrysanthemum. Aster is believed to be a symbol of affection, wisdom and faith.

Gerberas Daisy and Delphinium Bouquet

There are various flowers out there other than typical red roses that are not only gorgeous but also meaningful. New Beginnings flower arrangement is a unique combination of eye-catching flowers and colors which you can get with Jersey City NJ Flower delivery. This bouquet consists of white rose, blue delphinium, orchids, yellow alstroemeria, yellow gerbera daisy, solidagos and assorted ferns together in a clear glass container. Gerbera daisy is an emblem of innocence, purity, and loyalty. The blue delphinium is a symbol of trust and dignity. Beautiful white roses are a symbol of purity, and innocence. Yellow Alstroemeria symbolizes optimism and joy.

Carnation and Cushion pom Bouquet

Next flower arrangement is Bunch of Blooms valentine flower bouquet. This bunch is a perfect pick for the valentine's day as this is a thoughtfully curated bouquet made from varied flowers like red gerbera, yellow gerbera, red carnation, green athos, purple cushion pom, and variegated pitt ferns placed in a cylindrical vase. This bouquet is not just visually appealing but also meaningful. Red gerbera daisies stand as a symbol of immense love. Yellow gerbera daisies are a symbol of cheerfulness and celebration. Another flower from this lovely bouquet is purple cushion pom which you can get with Flower delivery in Lyndhurst, NJ, is a symbol of hope and optimism.

Sunflower and Snapdragon bouquet

Lastly comes the Atlanta Charm bouquet this arrangement has everything that a valentine's day bouquet should have to make the day extra special. The Atlanta Charm bouquet is made by bringing together all the exquisite variety of fresh flowers like sunflower, lily, rose, hybrid delphinium, snapdragon, golden solidago, and a bunch of other multicolored ferns well arranged in a clear glass vase. This rich, exquisite and heartwarming bunch of flowers is a perfect pick to do something different and memorable. This arrangement is not just rich in the visual sense but also carries deep significance. Sunflowers are a symbol for adoration. Lilies are a symbol of admiration and snapdragon is known to be a symbol of grace.

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