Popular Flowers for Mother's Day and their Unique Meanings

Carnations have traditionally been the official flowers of Mother's Day for many years where pink carnations symbolise gratitude and love, while red signifies admiration. Read about the popular Flowers for Mother's Day and their Unique Meanings

  • Mother's Day Flowers

A holiday that was first celebrated in 1908 by Anna Jarvis to honor her mother quickly took over the world as a recognized holiday which is now celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day today is observed as a day to express gratitude towards mothers. Initially it was meant to pay respects to women for their struggle during the civil war but today as the world has changed mother’s day is about struggles mothers go through in today’s age. This day is to appreciate motherly figures in your life and also for people who have lost their mothers. There are various ways to celebrate mother’s day but one thing that is especially important are flowers.

Here are some flowers for mother’s day which you can get -


This flower is extremely fascinating, known for its soft pale pink color and curbed round petals. Peonies are generally seen as romantic flowers but there is more to it. When looking for flowers for mother's day if you need something fresh yet classy then this flower is for you. Apart from symbolizing love and romance, peonies also represent good luck, prosperity and good fortune.


These mother's day flowers meaning is important to know while you are picking flowers for your mom, this adds depth to the whole process and makes it even more special. Coming to Orchids which were initially found in southeast Asia, Africa and South America are now widely cultivated all around the world. These have a long stem with flower bloom spaces all around. Orchids are a symbol of royalty, wealth, beauty, refinement and fertility.


You will find these all around you, a popular pick for almost all occasions which you can get at Jersey City NJ Flower Store Online. Roses may seem inappropriate for Mother’s Day but you can always choose colors apart from red. Red roses are a universal symbol of romantic love, so you can go with pink roses that symbolize grace, beauty and calm. You can also go with yellow and orange roses for a pop of color and they symbolize warmth, and joy.


If you are looking for unique mother's day flowers, lilies can be great for you. Lilies are not rare; rather you can get them pretty easily. So what makes them unique? It is the way they look, yes, Lilies come in various colors and have a unique shape. The petals are unlike other flowers out there. Lilies come in color pink, purple, white, red, yellow and orange. Lilies symbolize purity, thankfulness, abundance, and virtue.


Great option when it comes to flowers for new moms. Tulips are vibrant and gorgeous, they come in colors pink, red, purple and so many more. You can create a colorful bunch for a new mom to congratulate her or show your support. Tulips symbolize love, cheer, royalty and confidence.

All these flowers are easy to find online at flower now with Flower delivery in Lyndhurst, NJ. This Mother’s Day surprise your mom with flowers and gifts. Make sure to spend time with her and build your relationship since we sometimes take our mothers for granted. This is a great time to recall all the fun memories and build new ones.

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