What Is The Official Flower For Father's Day?

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June annually. In the United States the official flower for Father's Day is the classic red rose?. Check some modern Father's day flowers Arrangements you can gift to Dad.

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Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June annually. It was started by Sorona Dodd in honor of his father, a civil war veteran, William Jakson. She was inspired by the celebration of Mother’s Day. Sorona initially wanted Father's Day to be celebrated on the 5 June, birthday of her dad. But after much intervention this date was finalized. Father’s Day was first celebrated as a church service, now in the 21st century father’s day is all about appreciation, love and care. Along with some celebration, going out, gifts and of course some flowers. 

What is the official flower for Father's Day?

In the United States the official flower for Father's Day is the classic red rose, it was the main flower used for decor, centerpiece and even as a gift. Roses are symbols of eternal love. Red roses are a symbol of passion, adoration and warmth.

To make it even better you can put together red and white roses. Red indicates happy moments, creativity, security and color white represents serenity, calmness and purity. You can also fo for other filler flowers like baby breath and stock or leaves.

Apart from red roses you can also go for an assorted rose bunch with colors yellow, orange, pink and white. Father's day flowers could be a tricky one, since men don't receive flowers often it could be an overwhelming experience. So going for colors like yellow or even a subtle pink will be a great option. Coming to the the flower meanings-

  • Yellow roses signify joy, zeal and are a symbol of friendship.
  • White rose is known for its purity, calmness and innocence.
  • Pink roses are a symbol of grace, beauty and femininity.
  • Orange rose represents courage, warmth and confidence
  • Ivory rose is a hybrid color and symbolizes opulence, virtue and chastity.
  • Lavender rose a rare color that radiates positivity, serenity, silence and devotion.

What are some modern Father's day flowers Arrangements ?

Roses - Roses are traditional flower pick for father’s day, and fresh flower arrangements you can go for are-

Hydrangeas - These are short and fluffy, and have a variety of colors like blue, lime green, pink and white. Hydrangeas symbolize grace, beauty and thankfulness.

Sunflowers - Another gorgeous flower for this summer, yellow and bold. Sunflowers symbolize good fortune, vitality and intellect.

Lilly - Opened up or closed buds, lilies are always amazing. This flower represents devotion and purity.

Chrysanthemums - Also known as ‘mums’ these flowers are a great replacement to roses known for love, longevity and joy.

Dahlias - Another neutral flower which you can find easily at your Jersey City NJ Florist. Dahlias have subtle tones, now with hybrid flowers you can find black Dahlias. Rare and unique Dahlias represent wealth and elegance.

Tulips - You will find these flowers during spring and these make a lovely centerpiece flower arrangement. Tulips symbolize perfect love.

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