5 Flowers for International Women's Day

The flowers that represent International Women's Day are Mimosas! Send the gift of flowers to show their appreciation for the strong women in their lives.

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Celebrated worldwide on 8 March, International women’s day is one such day which not only calls for celebration but also demands a change. This day acts as a reminder of women's struggle and a long way to go. This women’s day appreciate and feel proud of women around you and express your emotions with flowers.

Here are the best flowers for International Women's Day occasion:

1. Mimosa

To begin with the official international women's day flower, Mimosa is actually a shrub that grows around the sidewalks, backyards and parks. Mimosa derives its name from the Greek word ‘mimos’ which means to mime and ‘osa’ which resembles the sensitive leaves. Interestingly this flower is the one which is commonly known as ‘’touch-me-nots'’. Creating a flower bouquet with just these can be a little tricky so you can go with some other flowers and add these as fillers. Not to forget what these flowers stand for because their meaning adds value to them. Mimosa symbolizes sensitivity, femininity and tolerance.

2. Roses

These are one of the most popular flowers for women's day. Roses are versatile and work with every occasion from anniversaries to notable events like this one. Apart from being versatile they have a huge variety of color making them an ideal choice. Roses look magnificent without much effort so they are chic, stylish and always in trend. If you want to go with a special flower arrangement you can always pick red but since it is globally known to be a symbol of romantic love it might not be appropriate for all. When it comes to Women's Day Flowers you can go with colors like pink, yellow, and lavender.

3. Dahlias

If you want an interesting women's day flower bouquet you must go with this spring blooming flower. Dahlias are these big bright flowers which have an extraordinary symmetry. Dahlias are round with a zillion petals all over. They also come in interesting colors like peach, pink, orange, rust and yellow. Dahlias look superb by themselves and also with other flowers. Dahlias are unique and you must have seen them blooming around you. You can get these pretty flowers with Flower delivery in Jersey City NJ. To create a Dahlia bouquet you can go with just these flowers and add mini flowers and fillers along with green leaves, cover the bouquet in brown paper or arrange them in a vase.

4. Sunflowers

Another flower that is pretty big in size and never fails to impress are Sunflowers. These are bright yellow with a contrasting black in the center. With sunflowers the best thing is that you can get them as it is from Flower store in Cliffside Park NJ or you can add other flowers to it which will always add to the beauty of the flower arrangement. You just need a few stems of this flower to make a bouquet that will always feel special.

5. Carnations

If you like to keep it simple, elegant and sweet then carnations are always a great choice. They come in various colors that look amazing and radiant like pinks, yellow, red, orange and white as well. It's really easy to get a carnation flower arrangement and it is a symbol of motherly love, femininity, beauty and distinction.

These gorgeous flowers make women around feel special and remind them of the power they hold. Get your flowers online with flower delivery in and around your area.

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