Why are flowers a good Birthday Gift?

Flowers are a great way of wishing someone a Happy Birthday. Hence giving birthday flowers as gifts is a traditional practice, and embedded in our culture.

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The tradition of giving flowers dates back to ancient Greek, where flowers were symbolism of gods and goddesses, used as offerings in temples and for expressing sentiments. Later on, this practice was adopted by Ancient Egyptians where Pharaohs were found to decorate their carts with flowers and they also presented it to gods. This practice was then incorporated in the modern world during the Victorian Era. It is known that victorians made flowers more common in lives of the ordinary man and gave flowers meanings. Hence giving flowers as gifts is a traditional practice, and embedded in our culture.

Feel special

The number one reason for giving flowers as a birthday gift is the feeling of getting a bouquet. From movies that make us feel good to the k-drama that makes our heart flutter. Flowers are a great way to say ‘You are special’. Not just to your partner or crush, flowers are a great way of wishing someone a Happy Birthday. Flowers can make a great option when you are not really sure of your gift, or the person whose birthday it is, is new to you. Flowers are also a good pick when gifting your colleagues or seniors. Flowers can also act as an add on to your existing gifts.

You can pick- Red Roses and Peruvian Lilies along with some greens.

Feel Cheerful

As for a birthday party flowers would make an excellent centerpiece, this really brings in warmth, light, color and joy to any space. While picking a flower for decoration make sure to create a theme, it could be color or season based or just anything you like. You can go with a set of Lilies, Gerbera and Roses.

Feel closer to nature

Moving away from traditional bouquets you can also give longer lasting flower arrangements like that of flowering blooming succulents along with Orchids. You can also give Peace Lily as it is easy to maintain. This would surely make anyone feel closer to nature. Flowers themselves bring warmth to any place and taking care of a plant also creates a loving memory.

Feel remembered

Talking of memories, Flowers always make you feel remembered. You might not be able to attend a Birthday Party or event but you can surely send in a flower arrangement. Every time it catches the eye of the recipient we are sure they will remember you. For a sleek and classy bouquet you can go for- a vibrant set of Daisies, Hydrangeas, Roses and Mini Callas.

In older times people used to grow their flowers or hand pick them, wait for the right season, rush to the local florist miles away, pre book their flowers and what not. Not any more, you can now just select your flowers and get them delivered with flower delivery in Jersey city. Now where can you find the perfect flower, you are already in the right place, Flower Now brings to you the ease of getting all kinds of flowers especially Birthday flower delivery in Jersey City, NJ.

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